FleetXtribe emerges as an integrated solution for fleet and dispatch management, streamlining the booking and dispatching process. Seamlessly handling bookings, management, and hiring execution, this platform unifies all dispatching facets.

FleetXtribe platform enhances efficiency through automated dispatching, integrated payment gateways, dynamic pricing, analytics, and a host of innovative features.

Irrespective of the scale, our versatile customer app, driver app, dispatcher, and admin panel seamlessly adapt to varying business needs within the transportation industry.

Indeed! We have extensive experience in tailoring the software to suit your specific requirements. Connect with our business development team for detailed discussions and personalized enhancements to your taxi app.

Absolutely not! Our pricing strictly adheres to the plans showcased on our Pricing page, devoid of any hidden charges or additional fees.

Navigate through our website's Pricing or Contact Us sections. Our team will provide all necessary details for payment completion, ensuring a smooth taxi hiring experience post-payment.

Currently, our dispatch system and mobile apps function in English. Welcoming language requests, we envision expanding our language repertoire in the future.

We boast a specialized team promptly addressing technical issues worldwide, offering round-the-clock technical support for our esteemed clients.