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Our Fleet Management Software helps you manage your vehicles and provides powerful insights and tools to optimize every aspect of your fleet operations.

Our Clients

Fleet dispatching made simple and easy

FleetXTribe empowers dispatchers and operations managers to actively manage and monitor their vehicles at all times. It improves communication among fleet owners, dispatchers, and drivers, offering data-driven insights for smarter decisions about fleet activities. Our solution transforms data into insights, enhancing dispatch efficiency and creating new improvement possibilities.


A solution for adaptable fleet management across industries

Our fleet management software is versatile and applicable across industries. Its primary function is to help businesses effectively manage and optimize their fleet of vehicles or assets. Whether you are in transportation, logistics, food, or any other industry requiring vehicle management, FleetXtribe can streamline activities, enhance efficiency, and provide valuable insights.

Making insights into business opportunities

Use data analytics tools to extract meaningful insights. Identify patterns, inefficiencies, cost-saving opportunities, and areas for improvement. For instance, analyze fuel consumption trends, optimize routes to minimize idle time, or track driver performance.


The fleet management solution that meets the needs of any business

Taxi Dispatch

Automated dispatch system for efficient taxi booking and dispatching. Read More

Car Rental

Our solution tailored to managing car rentals and accept online payments. Read More

Truck Dispatch

Cutting-edge software designed to optimize truck dispatch and logistics. Read More

Ride Sharing

Ride sharing software enables convenient and reliable ride-sharing services. Read More

Food Delivery

Our online food delivery solution helps businesses deliver food efficiently and precisely.

Grocery Delivery

Customized software that ensures timely grocery deliveries.

Medicine Delivery

The platform ensures secure and prompt medicine deliveries.

Handyman Dispatch

Integrated system ensuring prompt and effective dispatch of skilled handymen.

What Sets Us Apart?

FleetXtribe is a simple fleet management and dispatch system with robust analytics, and superior customer support. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless experience, tailored to meet your fleet's unique needs.

Whether you're managing a small fleet or a large enterprise-level operation, our Fleet Management Software is the ultimate solution to optimize, automate, and drive success.

Take control of your fleet today and experience the difference with FleetXtribe!