Power up your taxi business with FleetXtribe

Streamline your taxi dispatch, improve efficiency, and enhance the passenger experience.

Taxi dispatch software tailored to your business needs

FleetXtribe—an advanced, all-in-one dispatch solution for taxi businesses, no matter how big or small. The software automates dispatch, instantly connecting your customers with nearby taxis. It provides live tracking of taxi bookings and dispatch. You can manage, track, dispatch, and process payments effortlessly, all on one platform.

Taxi dispatch software helps taxi companies to manage their fleet of vehicles. It is used to efficiently coordinate rides between drivers and passengers. It automates the process of assigning, monitoring, and tracking taxis, making it easier to match available taxis with ride requests.


Key Elements of our Taxi Dispatch System

Real-time tracking

Automated dispatch system for efficient taxi booking and dispatching.

Automated dispatching

Efficiently assign and manage ride requests to the nearest available driver, reducing wait times and improving service.

Integrated payment

Seamlessly process payments through integrated and secure payment gateways for frictionless customer experiences.

Mobile apps

Mobile app allows passengers to book rides, track taxi locations, and manage payments through an easy-to-use mobile app.

Insights and reporting

Access detailed insights and reports on key metrics, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency and profitability.

Driver management

Provide drivers with tools for navigation, trip details, and efficient communication, ensuring smooth operations and improved customer service.

Get More Out of Your Taxi Business

Embrace the power of a digital dispatch system to transform your taxi business. FleetXtribe isn't just software; it delivers efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business growth.


We offer customizable dispatch software for your business that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements and branding.

Decision making

Analyze bookings, identify peak hours, optimize pricing, and allocate resources more effectively. Data-driven decisions ultimately contribute to increased profitability and scalability.


Easily integrate it with your existing tools and services, such as payment gateways, GPS tracking systems, and mobile applications.
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