On-demand Car Rental Software

Rev up your car rental operation with our software designed to efficiently manage bookings, fleets, customers, and revenue.

Navigate Your Car Rental with Precision and Insight

Our car rental system empowers users to book their preferred cars via mobile application or website. Whether you run a small or large rental business, our software automates processes, enhances efficiency, and maximizes profits. FleetXtribe offers on-demand car rental booking, with powerful functionalities that set it apart as the ideal car reservation solution.

Managing a fleet can be daunting for any vehicle rental operation. Our comprehensive features cover vehicle tracking, maintenance records, financial management, and fleet reporting. FleetXtribe's car rental software seamlessly handles every aspect of your business.


Power packed features to steer your business to success

Mobile first

You potential customers can book cars on the mobile app for specific dates and times, including one-way or round-trip rentals.


Get rid of mountains of paperwork! Digitize rental agreements, automate damage inspections, and generate reports for extensive data analysis.

Manage payments

Paying online is no longer a chore. Manage and make payments seamlessly with our support for the payment gateway of your choice.

Dynamic pricing

Stay on top of your inventory and pricing flexibly. Set dynamic pricing, manage discounts, and update vehicle availability in real-time.


Gain strategic insights into peak seasons, popular vehicle types, and preferred rental durations to steer your way to profitability.

Customer ratings

Customers can leave ratings / reviews upon completion of the trip. Admin has the discretion to approve or disapprove feedback.

Take the Wheel on Your Car Rental Business with FleetXtribe

Get rid of paper trails and manual bookings. Our software simplifies car rental operations, boosts efficiency, and gives customers a better experience.


Tailor the software to fit your specific business needs and processes, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency.


Multi Language options allow users to converse in the language they need and admins can expand their business by region.

Ready to start

We offer ready-to-start car booking software which is developed from scratch making it stand out and can be customized for any rental.
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