Towing Dispatch and Roadside Assistance Software

Introducing the future of software that automates tow truck dispatching, optimizes routes, and puts you in control of roadside assistance.

Take control of your towing business with real-time dispatch software

No more chaotic phone calls, lost paperwork, or inefficient dispatching. Our tow truck dispatch software streamlines dispatching, minimizes administrative tasks, and helps you keep track of your fleet's activities. FleetXtribe’s software handles it all, leaving you more time to focus on what matters most - growing your business.

Our software automates the dispatch process, considering factors like truck proximity, service type, and workload, optimizing operations for quicker and smarter decision-making.


Key features of our towing truck dispatch system

Job Assignment

Efficiently assign jobs to tow truck drivers based on factors such as location, availability, and the type of towing required. Real-time job dispatching ensures quick response times and optimal resource utilization.

GPS Tracking

Utilize GPS technology to track tow trucks' real-time location. Integrated mapping features to help dispatchers and drivers navigate to job locations efficiently.


Real-time notifications provide instant updates about job assignments, job status changes, and other relevant information about towing requests.

Customer Information

Track all job details, including type of tow, vehicle information, and any special instructions. Maintain a central database of customer information.

Billing and Invoicing

Manage billing information, including payment status and transaction history, for completed jobs based on predefined rates or pricing structures.

Reporting and analytics

Provide data-driven decision-making by analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as job completion times, driver efficiency, and revenue generated.

The perks of automated tow truck dispatching

Towing truck dispatch software is a valuable investment for hauling businesses of all sizes. Implementing an automated dispatch solution can significantly improve the overall effectiveness of towing operations, leading to enhanced customer service.


Tow truck dispatch software automates many functions of the dispatching process, reducing your team's administrative burden and increased productivity.

Real-time visibility

With a real-time location and status update of each of your tow trucks, you can assign jobs to the nearest one, reducing response times.

Operational Agility

With increased operational agility, your towing business keeps up with seasonal changes, new regulations, and changing customer demands.
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