Last-mile logistics made easy with truck dispatch software

Optimize your routes, manage your drivers effortlessly, and handle logistics in a whole new way.

Fuel your trucking operations with next-generation dispatch software

FleetXtribe provides tailored, secure dispatch software for truck management and dispatching. Monitor all your overheads and stay on your budget through fuel monitoring and temperature sensor options integrated into FleetXtribe’s truck dispatch management system.

With truck dispatch software, you can perform automated mapping, driver tracking, document management, and more. It also provides a centralized dashboard where you can always keep track of your fleet and automation.


Pivotal features that transform your truck business

Automated truck dispatch

Streamlines and optimizes the process of assigning and sending trucks to designated locations automatically, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual workload.

Real-time tracking

Provides live, up-to-the-minute location updates of vehicles or assets, allowing for precise monitoring and improved logistics management.

Route planning

Utilize advanced algorithms to create efficient and optimized routes for vehicles, minimizing travel time and fuel consumption.


Sets virtual boundaries or perimeters on a map, triggering alerts or actions when vehicles enter or exit these predefined geographical zones, enhancing security and operational control.

Fuel monitoring

Monitors and tracks fuel usage and consumption in real-time, enabling better control over fuel costs and identifying potential inefficiencies or discrepancies.

Dispatch insights

Offers valuable data-driven insights and analytics regarding dispatch operations, aiding in decision-making, resource allocation, and overall optimization of the dispatch process.

Together, we can thrive: Benefits that matter

Enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs through optimized routes and fuel management, and deliver better customer service with accurate ETAs. Keep your drivers safe by monitoring and complying, and drive continuous improvement with insightful analytics.


Monitors driver behavior, ensures SLA adherence to regulations, and promotes safe driving practices, reducing accidents and mitigating risks.

Cost savings

Optimizes fuel usage, reduces idle time, and minimizes maintenance costs through efficient route planning and vehicle utilization, resulting in significant savings.


An array of detailed analytics and reports that provide valuable insights into fleet performance, enabling informed continuous improvement decisions.
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