Ride sharing software makes carpooling easy

FleetXtribe helps match passengers heading in similar directions with drivers allowing them to share rides and reduce cars on the road.

Rethink everything you know about getting around

Imagine a world where getting a ride is as easy as tapping a button. Ride-sharing software connects passengers with drivers in real-time, allowing them to share rides and reduce commuting costs. Besides saving money and time, this also reduces traffic congestion and benefits the environment.

The admin panel is crucial for maintaining the smooth operation of the ride-sharing platform that has the ability to view and manage user activity, trips, earnings, feedback, and performance metrics of both drivers and passengers.


The key aspects of ride-sharing software

Real-time tracking

Passengers can see the exact location of the assigned vehicle, the estimated arrival time, and the route being taken.

Online payments

Passengers can pay with cards, wallets, or cash. Flexibility can be convenient for users who prefer different payment methods.

Ratings and Reviews

Drivers and passengers can rate and review each other after a ride. This ensures accountability, safety, and quality control on the platform.

Scheduled rides

Passengers can reserve rides in advance, ensuring availability at their desired time. The app offers users carpooling convenience for future dates.

Driver verification

Ride-sharing systems ensure safety and security by verifying drivers' identities and checking their vehicles. This builds trust among users.

Trip history

Passengers and drivers are both able to have access to previous trip details, payments, and ride history for reference and review as needed.

Elevate your carpooling business with FleetXtribe

Sharing rides maximizes the utilization of vehicles, reducing the need for individual cars and, in turn, reducing the environmental impact. Let your customers get a ride at the touch of a button. No more calling taxis or waiting in line.


Passengers can see driver profiles, ratings, and estimated fares before booking


Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a more eco-friendly way to travel


Our tailored ride-sharing solution is flexible and adaptable to a range of needs.
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