Redefine the way you dispatch limousines

Our software is designed to simplify the booking and dispatching of limo.

The next gen limo dispatch software for your business

Our limo dispatch software helps luxury car businesses switch from manual scheduling to automated dispatching. FleetXtribe is an integrated platform that automates and manages various aspects including scheduling, dispatching, fleet management, customer communication, billing, and reporting. Gain insights, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately drive growth and success in the competitive transportation industry.

Our automated booking and dispatch system streamlines the assignment, monitoring, and tracking of limos, allowing you to match ride requests more efficiently with available vehicles.


Key components of our Limo Dispatch System

Automated Dispatching

Efficiently assigns incoming ride requests to the nearest available driver, reducing waiting times and optimizing service.

Limo Tracking

Track the location of each vehicle in real time, enabling better fleet management, route optimization, and accurate ETAs for passengers.

Integrated Payment

Allow seamless, secure, and convenient payment processing for passengers, usually via multiple payment gateways.

Insights and Reporting

Reports on trip history, driver performance, revenue, and feedback, which aid in decision-making and operations enhancement.

Driver Management

Equips drivers with tools for navigation, trip details, and efficient communication with dispatch or passengers.

Alerts and Notifications

Keeps drivers and passengers informed about ride status, estimated arrival times, and other important updates.

Elevate your Limo business to new heights

Unlock the potential of your limo business with our cutting-edge dispatch system. FleetXtribe isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to streamlined operations, delighted customers, and business expansion.

Tailored Solutions

Crafted specifically for your business, our dispatch software adapts to your needs and aligns seamlessly with your brand.

Strategic Insights

Gain insights into bookings, pinpoint peak times, fine-tune pricing, and optimize resource allocation. Harnessing data empowers you to make informed decisions, boosting profitability and scalability.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly sync with your existing suite of tools and services—payment gateways, GPS trackers, mobile apps, and more—to create a cohesive and efficient operational ecosystem.
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